What is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin is a fun website where we can play browser games and win real cryptocurrency in balance with your progress.They host a few games for the moment, you can play all of them or stick to your favorite.The fun part is that you can win real bitcoin, just need to invest some time. Rollercoin is Adsense approved. I hope they will keep it clean and the ban will stay away. I see a lot of potential in this website.

How it works?

Easy. You play games and you earn mining power, With this mining power you mine cryptocurrency. Not real mining, is just a game. This website will not harm your PC/laptop or mobile. Yes, the site works perfectly on mobile phones. The smart part is the reward system. The reward is shared along players every 2,5,10 or 15 minutes, I saw the owner testing things so I’m not sure yet. The total block reward is 4500 satoshi, your personal reward depends on you mining power. If you have more power, you earn more. But…There is always a but… If more users have more power and they are growing constantly, your reward will drop.

For the moment, your power remains active for 72 hours so you earn passive for 3 days with just a few minutes. Of course, you can’t get rich by playing one game but, for sure you can grow your bitcoin wallet if you really want that.

Investment…Time or Money?

Here is the risky part. They allow us to invest our money. We can do that for one reason right now, which is mining power. We can buy rigs and mining machines to improve our mining power. The ROI is pretty low but the site looks stable, why not? Rollercoin allow deposits or you can buy your rigs with the earnings from games. Is your call but remember: Always invest what you can afford to lose!

Withdraw system?

The minimum withdraw is 10000 BTC satoshi, 360 Dogecoin and 0.004 ETH

They pay directly to your wallet.

Referral system?

Up to 25%. Win 10% standard from your referral earnings, 15% from your referral in-game purchases. Also, they provide us great promo tools, a lot of statistics and graphics.

Future updates?

Of course. Developers are working everyday (I can see that) and the site is growing constantly. There are more than 250k registred accounts and +6 BTC paid.

I discovered Rollercoin a few months ago, let’s say 6 months. I used to play a few games every day and I saw my earnings are low and will take a while to reach the minimum withdraw so I decided to invest some earnings from cointiply.com. I bought the most expensive miner machine which cost 117.400 satoshi and I got 19300 GH/s. In this moment with my power, I earn 0.31 satoshi every 5:30 minutes. A total of 89.28 satoshi every 24 hours. The total network power right now is 124.552 Ph/s. I wait for the future updates and I hope I can see some real profit from my investment. - Registration date: 2018-09-17